1. Created and Filmed By:
    The 6th and 8th Grade Documentary Film Class

  2. Singleton Charter Middle School

    The Dryades YMCA, Central City, New Orleans, LA

  1. Directed and Produced By Elizabeth Wood + Gabriel Nussbaum    

  1. Student Filmmakers:

  2. Willie Batiste

  3. Rose Gilliam

  4. Derion Mathis

  5. Sharrell Mims

  6. Jonathan Brookin

  7. Jessica Duhon

  8. Brenton Edwards

  9. Keith Singleton

  10. Tawanee Green

  11. Anitra Williams

  12. Darryle Montgomery

  13. Troy Johnson

  14. Mikeisha Muse

  15. Dashone Reynolds

  16. Alfred Cobbins

  17. Editors: Elizabeth Wood, Gabriel Nussbaum          

  18. Additional Cinematography: Henry Joost, Jody Lee Lipes, Melissa Watson  

  19. Score: Ben Sharony                    
    Drums: Tim Mognihan 

  20. Title Song Vocals: John Boutte

  21. Transcriptions: Lily Claire Nussbaum

  22. HD Post: Postlogic NYC  

  23. Non-Profit Sponsor: Celebration Youth Chorus NYC, Barbara Ames  

  24. Producing Partners: Spektor Family Foundation     

  25. Legal Counsel: Jeremy Nussbaum

  26. Student Advisor: Barbara T. Cook  

  27. Distributed By: IndiePix Films and Cinema Guild  

  28. Sponsors, Partners, and Donors:
    The Children’s Health Fund
    The 21st Century Fund

  29. The Dwight and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art

  30. Alec Baldwin

  31. Toni Ross
    Mary Jane Brock
    Alan “Ace” Greenberg
    Thomas Meehan

  32. The Spektor Family Foundation

  33. Dillards Department Store

  34. Republic New Orleans - Robert Leblanc

    Deepest Thanks:

Barbara Cook, Rochelle Cook, Douglas Evans, Maurice Horsey,

Angela McCampbell, Tommy Perry,  Kathleen Stokes, Nathanial Lang, Avis Brock

And the entire community of the Dryades YMCA in New Orleans.

     Heartfelt Thanks:

  1. Charline Spektor
    Arlis Wood
    Suzanne Wood

    Lily Nussbaum
    Jeremy Nussbaum
    Ruth Nussbaum
    Ian Doody

  2. Kathleen Turner

  3. Alec Baldwin

  4. Paul Goldberger

  5. Granville Leo Stevens

  6. Beverly Camhe

  7. Danielle DiGiacomo, IndiePix, IFP

  8. Jason Tyrell, IndiePix
    Ardalan Keramati
    Jeanne Parkhurst
    Henry Joost
    Gianna Chachere
    Max Schorr, GOOD
    Bristol Baughan, GOOD
    GOOD Magazine
    Dr. Paula Madrid

  9. Dr. Arturo Brito

  10. The Children’s Health Fund
    Elizabeth Delude Dix
    Rightor Doyle and Family

    Stephanie Redlener
    Barbara Kopple
    Bill Davis
    Jean Tsien

    Max Joseph
    Victor Jeffries
    Shantrelle Lewis
    The McKenna Museum of African American Art in New Orleans
    Robin Walker Photography
    Caroline Brewer
    Robert LeBlanc and Republic New Orleans
    Michael Karnjanaprakorn
    Jerri Chou
    JP Gilbert and Trevor Williams
    Angeli Restaurant on Decatur St.

  11. The Smiths and Richard Thompson at the Soniat House

  12. Piety Street Studios, New Orleans

  13. La Bonbonniere, NY

  14. The Rad Pad, Brooklyn NY

Wade in the Water, Children

New Orleans Documentary 2009

Elizabeth Wood and Gabriel Nussbaum

Bank Street Films

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